To make sure that you are giving your back a chance to strengthen and sustain comfort, you’ll need exercises that’ll help.

Seniors particularly need to be mindful of lower back issues, since lower back problems are on the rise — particularly for people who live sedentarily or use their back a lot at work.

The following five exercises are great at helping you get rid of back aches and pains while building flexibility and strength.

5 Great Back Exercises For Seniors

1. Wall Sits

These are exercises that provide support, resistance, and safety.

Since you are using gravity instead of added weight, you’ll be able to build the muscles without injuring them. The wall that you lean against will also provide tremendous support so that you are not overworking any of the muscles in your back.

This is an exercise that is gentle enough that people of any age range or level of fitness should be able to perform it with no problem.

2. Yoga

By embracing yoga, you’re giving your entire body the rejuvenation that it needs to be pain-free.

Many people do yoga so that they can enhance the body’s natural anti-inflammatory ability. When you get rid of pain through natural exercises like yoga, you also won’t have to take painkillers.

The majority of people with chronic back pain rely on painkillers, which can be toxic and uncomfortable to take on a regular basis. Yoga is one of the best ways to stretch your back and also build every muscle group.

It also helps you to learn how to move your body with balance so that you avoid future injuries.

Yoga also promotes mindfulness, which helps you to live in peace and tranquility, especially when faced with stress.

3. Swimming

This is a total body workout that is also one of the most gentle. Water is great for your body and also increases blood flow that promotes healing in your back. Immersing your body in cold water every day and moving it fluidly will help you to get rid of swelling and heal your back.

Most importantly, the resistance of the water builds muscle that will protect your back for the long-term.

4. Sensible Weight Training

While you might be advised to avoid weight training if you deal with back pain, there are plenty of great weight training exercises that are great for your back.

For instance, good mornings give you the opportunity to build your back muscles while using lightweight. This exercise is all about the motion, rather than having to pile on heavy weights that can be counterproductive.

For best results, you should find a personal trainer that can show you the ropes and help you learn proper form to avoid injuries.

5. Body Weight Exercises

Since you are using your body weight, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary strain. In addition to yoga poses, you can do body squats and lunges that are great for your back.

Most importantly, commit to some back stretches every single day so that your back gets accustomed to mobility and strength.

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