Your brain is SUCH an important part of your body to keep in shape.  Have you ever thought about keeping your brain “in shape”?  Well, here are 5 great ways to keep that mind engaged and moving!  According to the AARP, brain health is “seen as the second more important factor for overall health.”  Things like being social, engaging in educational pursuits, physical movement, and even board games can improve and maintain mental health for us as we age.  As we journey towards #optimalhealth, we must remember that health is mind, body, and soul.  Keeping a healthy mind is a big part of that pursuit!!

Five ways to keep your mind engaged

1. Exercise…. your body!  Yes!  Exercise can increase brain production of essential chemicals to keep your brain in top shape as you age.

The Best Way to Keep Your Mind Sharp By… by unitedeuro2

2. BE CREATIVE!!!  Doing things like painting or sculpture is like a workout for your brain!  Check out this article.

3. Keep a journal!  Writing is excellent to get your brain moving and thinking.  If you want to go an extra step, start a gratitude journal to record your blessings.  An even crazier idea is to start a blog!!!!  Yes, you can start a blog!!!

4. Work on eating brain-food.  Did you know that things like nuts, fish, and red wine have important and vital nutrients that can help your brain?

5. Don’t burn the candle at both ends!  Get sufficient rest and develop a good nighttime routine to help yourself relax.  The brain needs that time to rest and rejuvenate before it can “turn on” again.