Exercise is one of the main keys to optimal health and healthy aging!  Your body is designed to move and be active and will not function properly if allowed to remain dormant.  Make time for it every day!  Heart health, metabolism, libido, energy level, blood pressure, and so many more health concerns can be managed or eliminated if you remain active and keep exercise as a priority in your daily activities.

Here are 4 things to do before you start a new exercise routine:

Visit Your Doctor

It’s important to know if you’re healthy enough for exercise before you attempt any new routines.  Make an appointment and talk with your doctor!  Here’s a good guide of things to discuss with him or her as you decide what is right for your body and your health.

Pick a Close Gym

Make it easy on yourself to stick to your commitments and work towards your health goals.  If your commute to the gym is longer than your workout time, chances are you won’t follow through on your decision to go there!  Look around, check on the internet, ask friends and family for recommendations.

Purchase a Recovery Shake Mix

There’s a ton of great shake options available on the market.  Do your research and make sure you’re getting one with natural and organic ingredients.  A post-workout shake allows your body to replenish fluids and receive necessary nutrients to gain maximum benefits from your workout.

Find a Workout Partner

Going it alone is never recommended.  When you have a workout partner, you’re less likely to cancel, you have someone to motivate your efforts, and you can celebrate successes together!  Having a healthy community around you as you strive for optimal health is so important!