This is such a great new tool to use! We love the benefits of using a foam roller in stretching and working out and think you will too! Read on to get our favorite 4 reasons why you need a foam roller!


Pretend it’s a professional massage!  At the end of a long day, foam rolling can release tension in your muscles just like a masseuse would.  Foam rolling gets those knots and sore spots out easily and effectively.

Increased blood flow

Areas that are tight and sore have become that way because the muscle is either “bunched up” or elongated too extensively.  “This restricts the flow of nutrients and blood into that part of the muscle, which prohibits the proper function of the muscle.”  Foam rolling can work those areas of tightness out and allow the blood flow to return to normal in that part of the muscle.

Improve spine health

Stretching the spine is a great way to help your posture, your flexibility, and your overall health.  Check this video for a great foam roller technique to work your spine!  (Always consult a doctor before attempting any exercise).


Greater flexibility

Stretching improves flexibility and using the foam roller is a safe and effective way to work on those range of motion exercises that can prevent injury and improve strength.

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