Imagine a healthy lifestyle that’s customized to your genetic makeup. Nutrigenomics testing can steer you towards a healthier path that’s fit for you and your genes.

Nutrigenomics does what its name suggests; it studies nutrition and genome. By investigating the relationship between your genes and nutrition, professionals are able to get an in-depth look at what foods, vitamins, and supplements are best for your body.

“What is Nutrigenomics Testing?”

There are powerful health initiatives that many people are taking part in. Hearty lunch bowls, dietary trends, and fitness are great steps, but it may not give you the full body results you’re looking for.

That’s where nutrigenomics come in.

Nutrigenomics is the study of how your genes affect nutrition. It is the idea that certain foods, drinks, supplements, and vitamins all wax and wane based on our genetic makeup. Our gene expression controls our metabolism, influences our risk of certain diseases, and affects our likelihood of future illness.

Essentially, nutrigenomics tests how our genes interact with nutrition.

“How is Nutrigenomics Testing Done?”

Don’t be intimidated by the name Nutrigenomics. It may sound daunting but it consists of nutrition and genes. A test is incredibly simple. Find a professional and schedule a consultation or appointment to discuss how nutrigenomics can help you move towards the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

A routine blood test is the only invasive part of the test to help the professional get a scientific insight into your genetic makeup.

“What Can I Expect During a Test?”

Once you find a professional that you trust, the next step is setting up an appointment.

Nutrigenomics is a completely personalized profile based on your genes, your lifestyle, and designed to steer you towards optimal health.

Everyone is different and everyone’s body comes with its own set of limits and stipulations. A professional will listen to your own qualms and expectations and craft a dietary suggestion for you. For example, if you’re experiencing digestion issues, a professional will help you discover what foods are best for your needs.

“How Can it Help Me?”

Imagine a diet and nutritional guide that is designed just for you. That’s what nutrigenomics can do for you.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of diets and lifestyle choices out there but the truth is, everybody is different. People with certain dietary restrictions and risks need to be cautious of what they put in their body.

“Many of my patients have mentioned to me that it [nutrigenomics] has truly changed the way that they eat.” Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick tells NBC News. “But I don’t think it’s the first step. I think seeing a professional and going over what those important goals and barriers are is definitely what you want to do first.”

Experience the Power of Nutrigenomics for Yourself

“Nutrigenomics are changing the game–helping us live longer and healthier lives.” — Jeffry Life, MD, Ph.D.

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