It’s never too late to start getting your fitness goals back on track. As summer gets closer and closer, you might be starting to think about how you can get back in shape.

You don’t need a gym membership or a personal trainer to take charge of your health anymore. If you have a smartphone, you can just download an app.

There are hundreds of fitness apps to choose from, but there’s no need to try and sort through them all. Here are four of the best apps that will help you improve your health this summer.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is easily one of the best free apps that you can download if you’re looking to take charge of your health. The keys to staying healthy are diet and exercise — and this will let you track both!

With this app, you can scan the barcodes of different products to track what you eat. It will also give you a recommended calorie count based on how active you are and what your weight goal is.

It’s easy to use and is great for both beginners and experienced diet pros.

2. Sworkit

If exercise videos are more your thing, you might want to try the next thing on my list. Sworkit stands for “simply work it,” and their videos help you do just that.

With this app, you can choose from the standard workouts they already have or customize one based on what you want to achieve that day. It will track your workouts and switch up the exercises to make sure that you’re not overusing any muscles.

Experts love both the free and paid versions of this app.

3. Playbook

Sometimes you might just want to work with another human. A personal trainer is expensive, so download Playbook instead if you’re on a budget.

This app requires a subscription, but that subscription includes live workouts from different trainers. You get a new workout each day and can also communicate directly with trainers and other people in the app community.

If you need a community feel, this will work well for you.

4. Runkeeper

If you prefer getting up and going for a run instead of doing exercises in your home, there’s an app for that! Open up Runkeeper before you lace up your shoes.

The app uses GPS tracking to map your runs. As you run, it will let you know the distance you’ve traveled and your pace. After your workout, it’ll tell you how it compared to other runs and how many calories you burned.

You can also use one of their free training plans to train for a race, or take one of the Runkeeper challenges for even more fun.

Let Me Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Of course, there’s nothing like working directly with another person when it comes to achieving your goals. If you don’t think you’ll get what you need from an app, let me help you get the body you want.

With my Executive Health Plan, I can be your health coach and mentor. Find out how today!