When you’re on a quest for #optimalhealth, your time and effort needs to be reserved for enjoying the new energy and vibrancy that you are feeling, not on tediously pouring over your diet choices.  You want to pick the healthiest foods that will give you the most “bang for your buck” in the nutrition department! Enter, SUPER FOODS!

There’s some pretty great options out there!  Here are 3 of our favorites and a few ways to sneak them into your everyday nutrition.

Mushrooms!  Who knew they were a super food?!  Use them as a stand-in for a burger and save almost 400 calories in your meal!  Mushrooms are a great food for managing diabetes as well as strengthening bone health and immunity.  Try a stuffed portabella mushroom for a quick dinner or some flavorful mushroom crepes.


Quinoa!!  The South American super grain that packs a powerful punch in the protein department.  Benefits include twice the fiber of other grains as well as high levels of iron and magnesium.  How about some cinnamon nut quinoa for breakfast?  Or some quinoa tabbouleh for your work-day lunch?


Wild Salmon!  An incredibly tasty fish with amazing amounts of Omega-3 packed into the wild fish, which are exposed to much less toxins.  Omega-3 is important for healthy joints and skin as well as reducing the risk of heart disease.  Try a toasted sesame ginger salmon for dinner or a citrus avocado salmon salad at your next brunch party.

There are so many ways to eat amazing food and enhance your journey towards #optimalhealth!  What are your favorites?  Do you have a go-to recipe for one of these super foods?  Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us about it!