As we discussed last week, toxins can have a surprising impact on the functionality of your genes. As we continue looking into this topic, here are 3 easy ways for you to reduce toxins in your home today.

Use a water filter

Did you know that there are 2100 known toxins that may be present in your tap water?  Buying bottled water is a good alternative, but then you’ve used a lot of plastic, which contributes to toxicity in the environment.  Better yet, try getting a filter for your faucet or even a whole house system to obtain the freshest, healthiest water while filtering out the toxins from getting into your body.

Reduce your plastic usage

Plastic and the manufacturing of plastic consumables are a leading cause of toxins and can also leach toxic chemicals into your food and water storage.  Switch to glass and reusable cloth containers!


Clean naturally

Some of the most toxic things we allow into our homes are the cleaning products we use.  It’s not only healthier and better for the environment to use natural cleaners, it’s cheaper for your wallet!  Here are some inexpensive and easy to use natural cleaners.