Monthly Archives: August 2016

Still Smoke? Here’s help!

2016-08-26T11:00:55-04:00August 26th, 2016|

For those of us who are part of an older generation, we might still be hanging on to mindsets and habits that aren't healthy anymore. [...]

Get Your Smoothie On!

2016-08-12T11:00:00-04:00August 12th, 2016|

Do you struggle to get all your nutrition in during the day?  Perhaps you have a busy lifestyle or work schedule.  Maybe, you just don't [...]

Healthy Stretching

2016-08-01T11:00:49-04:00August 1st, 2016|

As we recently discussed here on Dr. Life's website, getting to the gym is a great option for #optimalhealth and wellness goals! Don't stop there, [...]


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